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Sunnydale, Home of the Hellmouth


Spike and Buffy

The Slayer: BuffyTheVampSlayer
William The Bloody: Spike
Pure Bloods: Klaus
Council Head:
Dhampirs: Eidren, RupertGiles, RustyRhubarb
Strigoi: Korezel, Zako
Level E's:

Guild News

How to advance from Dhampir to Nosferatu

Buffy_Summers, Aug 25, 11 2:23 AM.
If you are a Dhampir, the way you are able to advance to Nosferatu is to obtain a glowing gem (that makes your characters bodies' grow like Spike and I have) from the vendor who sells items for Dragon Tears in the Sanctum. Doesn't matter what kind of glow it is, but death energy glow (purple gem) is preferred for all players and those with that glow will be able to advance in the guild ranks faster.

*Note: I (Buffy) have a life (green gem) glow because I'm the Slayer  And you all are vampires so death glow it is!
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